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About Anderson Family Catering

Tammy Anderson loved preparing food for her friends and family, and they often raved about her cooking with encouragement to share her expertise with a wider audience. Then in 2008, a decision was made to open a catering business in Winters, CA where Anderson Family Catering became a reality. They started small only having one barbeque, using a small kitchen shared with a local restaurant, and no company delivery vehicles, using their own personal vehicles for transport. Tammy developed her own recipes, marinades, and meal combinations. As the business grew, she and her family happily prepared the best food for weddings, parties, and other events.

After several years of growth and outgrowing their current facilities, they leased a new location in Dixon, CA. This gave the family business a dedicated space to prepare their food and expand their distribution considerably. As the business expanded, they hired more family members and others to help keep up with the growing demand for their delicious catered food.

They grew into an excellent catering business even doing large wedding and corporate events with up to 700 people. By now, they had their own company delivery vans, many more barbeques, and demand was soon calling them to an even larger facility.

In 2019, Anderson Family Catering purchased their own building in Vacaville CA with a 1,500 sq. ft. commercial kitchen and over 5,000 sq. ft. of overall space allowing them to cater almost any size event within a larger geographic area. This also includes banquet or event space for their clients to rent. Now Anderson Family Catering can prepare food, cater, and offer event space fulfilling a need in the community.

Today, they continue to serve their clients with great catered dining experiences and an ever-expanding base of clients who need and appreciate the best in food and the expertise in catering logistics.